Small Capacity Grease Interceptor

20 GPM

40 lb. Grease Trap

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Product Specification Drawings
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Product Details
Intermittent Flow (GPM)20.00
Static Holding Capacity13.00
Greasy Sludge Capacity40.00
Pipe Size (in.)3.00
Top to Center of Inlet and Outlet (A) (in.)3.50
Side to Center of Inlet and Outlet (B) (in.)8.00
Bottom to Center of Inlet and Outlet (C) (in.)9.50
Width (D) (in.)18.75
Length (E) (in.)27.00
Height (F) (in.)13.00
Shipping Weight (lbs)105.00
  • Rockford Model RP-20
  • Intermittent Flow GPM - 20
  • Greasy Sludge Capacity - 80lb
  • Pipe Size - 3"
  • Enamel Coating Inside and Out
  • Overall Dimensions: Width 13" (D), Length 18" (E), Height 10.5" (F)